Break It Down Total Sports

ABA-Based Teaching

“Break it Down” Total Sports’ mission is to teach children with autism and other special needs sports skill and knowledge while creating a positive environment and developing children’s motivation to participate. “Break it Down” Total Sports is committed to utilizing ABA-based teaching strategies to break down these skills and promote independence in these young athletes.

It is “Break it Down” Total Sports’ vision to teach children with autism and other special needs how to successfully participate in sports utilizing systematic teaching, building children’s motivation, decreasing interfering behaviors, and increasing independence. “Break it Down” Total Sports envisions placing children in groupings based on skill and independence level, including an advanced group that are nearly ready to join their own community sports leagues for the future. “Break it Down” Total Sports also envisions expanding the number of sites throughout Los Angeles County.


"Thanks for your heart to start "Break it Down" Total Sports to make sports accessible for kids on the Spectrum. You and Alyne broke down basketball perfectly: I could see how the class fit the name and my son (who isn't too much into sports) liked the class. It really helped him feel more confident with gross motor and his body. I hope "Break it Down" Total Sport will continue to grow."
- Scot, Parent
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DATES: Jan. 6 - Feb. 24
SESSIONS: 9:00-10:30
LOCATIONS: Agoura Hills, CA

(exact locations tbd)

COST: $450

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